Monday, April 7, 2008

Simply Still Day 6 and 7

Simply Still Day 6
Not sure where these animals came from, but we've had them since Matt was a baby. I love how they sit on our bookshelf. Don't mind the dust...the cleaning lady has been busy blogging and flickring.

Simply Still Day 7
My grandmother's clock hung in her tiny Connecticut kitchen. Every summer we would spend two weeks at my grandparents home. I loved to lay in bed in the morning and listen to it chime. My husband had it refurbished after I acquired it. He doesn't like the chimes as much as I do.

When we travel to Seaside, one of the activities that's always on the list is sandcastle building. We prepare what we are going to make and then my brother assigns (orders) everyone a task. I'm the official photographer since the day I couldn't make the dragon claws to specification. (not harboring a grudge or anything...) It's quite a production and many stop to comment on the day's work.. Personally, I think it's an excuse by all the men in our house to have young, bikini clad girls stop and talk to them. Gives the the guys quite a thrill!

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a friend to knit with said...

hahaha! i love the sand castle building day, and everything it stands for. also glad that we got the photographer!! look forward to seeing this years!!!

i LOVE that you have that very special clock in your home!