Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It Was a Blast!

What a fun day we had today, but I'm way too tired to write about it all tonight! I took 259 pictures in all and have to weed through them to get the best shots to show you!

The boys were star struck, as this show has been a favorite in our house since Ry showed his love for construction. We saw the best part today...other than the MOVE THAT BUS finale!

No matter if you love or hate this show it was interesting to watch the process of making what ends up being less than a five minute part on the program.

I'm off to bed...something that the builders won't see much of in the coming week.


MadMad said...

WHAT?! They're doing your house?! I'm so confused... here I was thinking you were doing a blog makeover... Oh well. I'm slow sometimes. Well, really, most of the time.

NYC looks like it was fun!

Jane said...

Oh Rachel...I wish it was my home! No, they are doing a home about 50 miles from where we live. My mother happens to live in the same town so she went with us also. If I can ever get packed for our vacation I could actually write an in-depth post about the whole adventure. Hopefully, tonight.