Sunday, September 7, 2008


Finally, I got my rear in gear to put this all together. I'm too lazy to upload each picture individually so I just made one big collage. We had a great time this year in the Adirondacks. ALL family members that could visit... did. Allowing for many laughs!

Highlights of our trip included:
  • beautiful sunsets and sunrises
  • extreme rock jumping
  • swimming more than any other year
  • waterskiing (we tow our boat with us)
  • celebration of summer birthdays (my brother and SIL in June and me in August)
  • family members traveling from Dallas, Atlanta and San Francisco for my cousin's wedding
  • stopping at WEBS on the way to the wedding (highlight of my trip)
  • roasting marshmallows around the campfires
  • sparklers
  • mountain climbing (this year we conquered Blue Mountain...2 hours up, 1 hour down. All 46 years of my life could be felt at the end of the climb)
  • a bit of knitting
  • river fishing with a guide (this happened while I traveled to the wedding)
  • and just family time well spent!

Another vacation into the memory book!


sheepish one said...

jane, that sounds like a fabulous vacation filled with fun and family. too bad there was only a "bit" of knitting, though!

a friend to knit with said...

i love the collage. that is such a great idea........i would love to do those for a trip, and just frame that!!
such great photos, also!
such special times.

TD wool design said...

what an awesome way to wrap up the summer! this collage is the bomb! a treasure to go back to always :) don't you just love webs? i'm so easily distracted though. it can be a bit overwhelming if i'm not focused!
mountains climbing / hike? you're a better gal than me :)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Looks like you made great memories with your family this summer! Lucky boys!

Joslyn said...

jane i'm so jealous ;-) sounds like you guys had an amazing time...

p.s. i'm totally going to employ the boys to teach A everything on her list.