Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Being Thankful

Today has been a tough day. Emotions were frayed due to mean children in school, homework difficulties and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays. I've been reflecting on things that I'm thankful for in my life. Of course there is the obvious: the gift of family and friends, a roof over our head and food on the table are all things that we give thanks for each and everyday. But over the next few days I want to share some of the things that I welcome into my life each and everyday. Some may be very materialistic and vain...but, man, if I didn't have them in my life, well, I guess I could live without them, but they just make my life a bit easier and gentler.

After today's episodes I thought I would start with Bare Minerals. I thank my SIL, Julie for introducing this stuff to me back in May. I guess I'm not watching enough late night commercials to see that this stuff has been around for awhile. As I enter the back side of my forties, I'm amazed to see how those little "life lines" are quickly multiplying. I'm not a big make-up person but this powder is just enough to cover the red blotches that seem to appear out of nowhere, dry up the oily skin and at least lessen the lines a bit. Love it and will continue to use until I'm unable.

So I start with a vain thank you. Probably not the best, but at least I didn't start with my favorite brand of vodka...because I so need a tall glass of something after this evening's activities!


t does wool said...

oh I use the bare minerals,too. you made me chuckle with the vodka comment!!

TD wool design said...

ok, sold. where do i get it? the bare minerals i mean, not the vodka. i have that. :) seriously, where do i get it? i have a clinique powder which i love and go nowhere without, but more is better these days! and darn those mean kids. ggrrr.
(i'm going online to look now-at 4am-cuz there are wrinkles as i look in the mirror above my desk...i'm going say they are from the pillow)

Holli said...

I love LOVE Bare Minerals! It's light, easy, and concealing in a really calm way. As for the vodka -- well, Good Luck!

a friend to knit with said...

jane! we had that same night on wednesday!!!
two boys fighting. which ended in tears. then mean kids at school making fun of "red" hair. so many tears.......not happy with anything, including his last name! oh, growing up!!!

i have been using bare minerals for 4 years!!!
bisque is my absolute favorite! i never leave the house without it!!!!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the Bare Minerals. So easy to use and it covers so much! :)

MadMad said...

Aww... don't you just hate those days? I don't think I can live through middle school again - it's even worse when you're the grown-up looking in. UGH! Hope this week has been better!

lucky knitter said...

I've been using the Bare Minerals for a few years now too. It is great stuff. Ah, the process of aging, so much fun! Happy Thanksgiving and Cheers!

MamaLizKnits said...

ooh, I'll have to give bare minerals a try.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. :)