Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Little Bit of Knitting

I've been knitting! With yarn from my stash! Which is a good thing!
First up Citron.
It's an easy knit made interesting with the ruching. I only had just enough yarn for the five pattern repeats. Wish I had more. Details are over at Ravelry if you want more info.
I might keep this or save it for holiday time.

Next up is Boheme. This will be on my go-to list when my husband comes home from work, yet again, and asks me to make something for some young parents, who I have never met before! I messed up the buttonholes (details on Ravelry) but c'est la vie! I made it work and I'm happy with it.

Currently, I'm working on a mindless summer scarf and planning my fall knits. I'm thinking of a "boyfriend" sweater. Any suggestions?


Linda said...

I love the Citron, like you I wish I had had more yarn but its a great knit. Th elittle pink knit is so pretty, they will love!

Holli said...

Beautiful knitting, Jane (and, as always, exceptional photos too!).

Loved your Boston trip recap -- looks like you made some happy memories.

Rose said...

Both knits are lovely. I'm making a Citron too! My first and I can't wait to make another.

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Oh they are both lovely. I just love the ruching.
Boyfriend sweater or husband sweater?..hehe.
For my for boys, hubs incl. they have all asked for hoodies...yey!
-my most unfavorite thing to knit x 4.

MadMad said...

Now I got myself giggling about you knitting a sweater for your boyfriend, and wondering why a boyfriend needs a sweater... But anyway, no, I can't think of a good one. I'm obsessed with Rosamund's Cardigan, though, which could have the same floppy feel - though not be share-able with your boyfriend!

RW said...

hmm planning ahead for the fall ... that is a good idea.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I really like the ruching and the curling bottom on the first piece. I just finished an easy summer scarf. Sometimes I believe scarves are all I'm meant to knit...

Andi said...

Amazing knits! I am really liking the yarn you used on the Citron!
Boyfriend sweater...I have always love the cobblestone pullover by Brooklyn Tweed. :)
Happy knitting!

ColorSlut said...

I'll say you have been. NICE WORK!

Rachel said...

Beautiful colors in the Citron...looks like it'll be the perfect fall shawl!

And such the cute pick top!