Saturday, July 2, 2011

Link Love...

It's a long holiday weekend here in the States and I'm in between activities at the moment. Fourth of July in our town is as close as you can get to a Norman Rockwell painting. Parades, ice cream socials, a movie in the park, an art festival, farmer's market and of course playing on the lake are all favorite activities of the weekend.
I've been having fun with Instagram on my iphone. Provides a bit of enjoyment when I'm shlepping the boys from one place to another.
Hope you are all doing something grand to celebrate our country's independence.

Not sure if I would ever want to make a beet cake. But this video sure makes me want to try!
Today the boys pushed me as far as I was about to go with their behavior...and at that moment i wanted the sweet girls that were sitting on the boat next to me. If I did have girls, I would do this with them.
You still have time if you need a decoration for the 4th!

Or, you could do something as sweet and as simple as this.
The name of this site says it all....and really a the living room?

enjoy the rest of the weekend! I'm off to our next activity!


MadMad said...

I PROMISE you, girls are NO easier. They may be worse. I just sent mine away, the little... well. This is a family blog, so I'll stop right there. But I'm sure you know. OMG. They are flippin' nuts. NUTS, I tell you. But so am I, at this point. Ay.

Love your holiday weekend shots. Beautiful.

RW said...

And I have one of each. Deep breaths. One day at a time. We are in a better place these days....

Enjoy the holiday. We have our first true summer day. Sun and warmth. It was a beauty.