Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm afraid the blogging is going to be a little hit or miss around here this summer. The boys are keeping me active (in the car) and I'm trying to stay away from the computer. I've already finished two books and have started to pack for a trip away. I hope you are enjoying your summer and I will try to pop in when I have a few interesting tidbits. I'm sure you don't need to know about me driving the boys to baseball yet again.

Fun times on the lake.
My man-child. It's funny that I use this term. The Jungle Book movie was on heavy rotation when the boys were little. I keep thinking of Matt walking into the village at the end because he's hot for the girl....sigh....I hate this growing up thing.
One of my pictures was used to help advertise a new magazine in our city. Might be a job opportunity. the neighbors. Oh yeah...I'm sure there were some in our neighborhood that were not happy. Oh well!
Nights with good friends.

enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


MadMad said...

Congrats on the cover - that's amazing! And I LOVE that last picture... makes me want to be there! Enjoy your summer, Jane!

Erica said...

Congratulations on the picture!!! New job opportunities are always exciting!!

Kristyn Knits said...

sounds like you're right where you should be in the summer! happy summer!

kristina said...

So fabulous about your photo on Plank Road! And your picture of the fireworks is amazing. I've never managed to get a decent fireworks picture.

K x

From All Stitched Up said...

Congratulations on the picture! Your boys are very cute! Who could be against fireworks ?

RW said...

How exciting!
Hope you get some more interest into your photography.

Enjoy the summer Jane. I smiled at the Jungle Book reference.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Your photo w/ the cycles? Very cool.

Linda said...

Jane, I'm a huge fan of your photography. It's great that one of your photos is featured on the magazine. Sending good wishes out into the universe that the job opportunity for you! Have you tried that beet cake, yet? It is scrumptious and definitely worth a try. Thanks for posting the link to the recipe - and isn't that video great? I loved the flour being blown in my face and the chocolate melting before my eyes. After seeing the creativity that went into the video, I felt compelled to give the cake a try. My family was very glad that I did. Thanks, again, and have a great summer.