Monday, September 12, 2011

5 things...

September always hits me like a ton of bricks.  I love the month, but I usually get all emotional over the fact that the boys are older and they have more responsibility, which means more worrying on my part.  But, it seems like they are off to a good start which makes me extremely happy.
So, what do I have planned for September....?

1.  Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  Can you believe I still have Tonka trucks and Brio trains in my playroom? Oh yeah, those are the toys of choice when their friends come to hang out...NOT! 
 2.  If we are not using it, it's going to the Salvation Army...or to the shredder, or to the get the idea.
3.  I need to put my garden to bed, but usually, at this time of year, I really hate my garden.  This year, with the heat and then the RAIN, I'm exceptionally bitter about the whole thing.  Maybe, I'll just wait until Spring and just use a big rake to get rid of the weeds.
 4.  September marks the beginning of all my volunteer gigs.   I'm seriously thinking it's time to get paid for my volunteer experience.    I've started to peruse websites that might be helpful in this area.
5.  More books are on my list for September.  Just read 
a quick and interesting read about a woman that leaves her writing life in NYC to live and work on her organic farm. 

So that's it for now!
enjoy the week everyone!


MadMad said...

Oh, that is just AWESOME! I thought I was the only person who HATED her garden by September! Just this morning I was thinking I can't wait till it all gets snowed under and I don't have to think about it any more! The saddest thing is, though, I'm actually responsible for our town's library garden... and I feel the same way about it... (and it's showing!) FIRE ME, then, I want to say!

Kristyn Knits said...

What a wonderful post, Jane! I saw myself in so many of your 5 things! That clean and purge thing...that's so going on here. I get to this point in the year and want to get rid of everything extra. LOVE your bench! It's so inviting!

Freedom Three said...

man do i need a shredder.

RW said...

I too, do not have much love for the garden in September. Not that I had much of garden this summer. But, still it needs to be put to bed.

The book sounds interesting. Thanks for the recommendation.

my two are grade 11. gah.

Renee said...

Great list, I need all 5 on my list too. Gorgeous photos!