Thursday, December 5, 2013

december 5

What Haunts Me

I should have studied
or read those ten chapters, probably should have stayed in
there's always another party.
Luke and Laura's wedding was beautiful
but it was replayed
and my stats class wasn't.
It was thirty years ago
and time moves on.
But that dream
that visits 
when I'm tired
or stressed, telling me that I missed the test
or better yet failed
keeps coming.
Please go away.
I have kids of my own. I get it 
and regret it.
But, man did I have fun.


amanda said...

yes, fun. though all that fun forced me into summer school and well, maybe it wasn't so fun after all ;-)

house on hill road said...

I love reading your words, Jane.

MadMad said...

Some things are like that loose tooth that you can't help yourself from constantly poking with your tongue... wonder why it is we can't forgive ourselves for youthful foibles? And fun is very underrated. Which I'd had even MORE!

Holli said...

Oh, Jane!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Did we hang out in school? lol I think those same thoughts...I don't regret many things, but not doing better in school is one. But I also wonder why nobody tried to steer me in a different direction? A little guidance would have been good. I saw a counselor once, he was only more discouraging. Although knowing how he discouraged me helps me to be MORE of an encouragement to the kids I work with.