Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I'm trying to be ambitious this month and use the July prompts from the A.L.M Writes blog.  Truth be told, I've been lacking in the ambition department in recent months.  Every morning I get up and write my to-do list out and try to tackle the day.  But, as the day goes on, it seems like my list keeps growing and my ambition for the day wanes.  As I look over my list I realize that the things that are left at the end of the day are usually the difficult tasks; tasks that demand a bit of risk on my part. I'v been thinking that risk taking is a part of ambition.  It's easy to be ambitious about the easy, everyday stuff.  But the stepping out of the box stuff, or difficult things ( like visiting colleges with a seventeen year old) isn't as easy. 
So here's to a month of trying to stay focused and determined and hopefully my ambition mojo will stick around.


MadMad said...

If it helps any, the college visits part were actually pretty nice: kinda fun, but mostly a big relief: it was so nice to know there were so many places that were great (or that you could check right off the list, hahahaha!)

Holli said...

Go get it, Jane. One step in front of the other. You've got this!

Kristyn Knits said...

I struggle in the same area...have you read "Eat that Frog"? An easy read dedicated to doing the. most. important. task first. Then you've eaten your frog for the day. :) It really helped me. Happy college visiting!