Monday, July 7, 2014

Settling in....

I always feel that summer really starts after the Fourth of July. School just ended a few weeks ago and we hit the ground running: visiting relatives, camping out, swimming, boating, and a surgery all within ten days.
Today we start to settle into a routine. Work schedules are more concrete, sailing is in full swing and we are all finally catching up on our sleep.
Here's to a soggy but much needed slow Monday.


MadMad said...

What a happy surprise to see a post from you and get to enjoy your beautiful pictures again! Happy summer! We're settling into ours slowly too. I think even just getting used to it takes a bit of time... (that, and remembering how to make lunch!)

house on hill road said...

for us, it feels like summer is winding down. school starts 8/13 so our break is already half over. that said, my days become more my own because of that wonderful four letter word: CAMP! oh, but i miss them, too!
happy summer, jane!