Monday, January 13, 2014


 I was thinking today, as I was using the cattle prod, to get my boys up for school.
I've mellowed as I've grown into this role of motherhood.
I use to micro manage, and if you asked my kids, they would say that I still do.
But, I'm beginning to let go a bit.
Let them be.

As I do this, I think to myself:
Will one be able to feed himself in college?
or get up on time?
Will one even go to college?
and where might their travels take them?
Will one ever clean his room without being asked?
And the other one settle his serious side down a bit.

I have no answers but have come to the revelation that I have moved from being the micro-mom to the macro-mom. Looking at the whole world and hoping that they will be prepared.
Discovering that in the grand scheme of things, if their clothes are on the floor or they only eat ramen, they will survive.


fjord girl said...

...I am so there- I tried a blowing my sons trumpet as an "alarm"- it's a drag.
I just think...nobody ever got married in diapers, and then I breathe.
Stunning image today Jane, very beautiful- the b&w works so well.
We shall battle on dear friend.

jane said...

this made me tear up this morning.

letting go is harder than micro-managing. i'm so glad that you're on this journey at the same time i am. you're such a calming presence.

speaking of the subject, did you see this piece in new york magazine?

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I love that last line...they will make it. I wonder these things, too...having two teenage boys myself. I wonder how they'll do and now with one off to college seeing that he's doing GREAT...I realize I did a better job than I gave myself credit for. His younger brother, while completely and totally different, will also be just fine when it's time to venture out. Will he go to college, too? I don't know...seeing as how school is NOT his favorite thing, I'm open to the other possibilities.

They'll be fine, and I'm sure you're doing a better job than you're giving yourself credit for. :)

fjord girl said...

Saved it- will be reading this later this am.

fjord girl said...

So relatable and very happy to read other parents who are going thru the same incl. the emotions that I have too.
Thank you for sharing this Jane- it put words on what I have ben feeling for many years now and I know with 4 children I will be experiencing this time again. I printed it out and am giving it to hubby to read- I am also passing this link on to a friend.
I appreciate this so much- you made my week!

Linda said...

I am struggling with the whole letting go thing with my 16 year old who will be off to college in September here in the UK! Lovely to find your blog again, I used to read it years ago when i was blogging my knitting. x