Friday, August 3, 2007

A Long Week

Matt, my 10 year old, has been at hockey camp this week. It was quite an honor to attend, as only certain kids were asked to skate. The camp was taught by a Ukranian, who travels the Northeast US to teach hockey to young Americans. The coach brings 10-15 Ukranian kids with him so they can be introduced to American culture.
Matt has had a good week. He was the second youngest of all the kids so he was a bit nervous going on Monday. He soon realized that kids are kids no matter where they live on the globe. It was a great cultural exchange for the children. Not sure I could put Matt on a plane, send him halfway around the world knowing only three words. But I guess for the Ukrainian kids this shows them a bigger world and an option out of their poor country.
I am thankful for the coaches Matt has had so far in hockey. This guy was a yeller and tough. Not to say tough isn't what I want for Matt. It's good experience for him, but let's face it, he probably isn't NHL material!
I have a hard time when other hockey parents come to us and tell us that he has talent and we should push him more. Do I really want this for my son? What is my goal of having him play sports? It isn't to achieve a scholarship to college (although that would be nice) and it isn't to go on to greatness in hockey or baseball (his other sport). I just want both my boys to understand what playing on a team feels like. The drive, dedication, sacrifice, teamwork that all comes when playing a team sport.
So now we can rest until October when hockey begins again...and just be a plain old kid!

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