Thursday, May 15, 2008

What A Week!

This is my little sister at her high school graduation FOUR years ago. Yeah, I know she is my LITTLE sister of 23 years difference( not sure that's a sentence). This weekend she will be graduating from Xavier University with honors. We're all very proud of her...even if you don't count the bonehead moves she has made the last few weeks. (Ah to be 22 again...NOT)

So in preparation for this weekend I have been running around like a mad woman! Knowing that the weather was not going to cooperate I needed to buy new pants for the boys. That led to needing new shoes which we still haven't bought. Looks like we will buying them on the way. They might end up wearing their CROCs with the way things are going.

So I need to go pack. I really do! But then maybe I might mosey over to look at Flickr again. Procrastination is a good thing, 'cause you know that old saying about "being able to pick your friends, but not your family" Just sayin...I might need this when I return home!


a friend to knit with said...

ha! you have me laughing over here jane.
let the boys wear their crocs.
have a fabulous time.
and have a few of "those" before you leave. while you are there. and when you return home! :)

TD wool design said...

got here a little late. you've probably already gone. hope it goes well. we have junior prom tonight. so your last pic works for me! hope it's a good weekend for you :)