Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Whirlwind Weekend

Well, that's over! What a weekend. All in all, it turned out great! Emily graduated with honors with a B.A. in Business (whatever that means these days)! Watching 1100 graduates walk across the stage was a bit of a drag, especially since Em was at the beginning! The boys actually walked over to the food center, bought a sandwich and brought it back into the ceremony and finished it and the graduates still were walking strong!
By the way, they ended up wearing their khaki shorts, button-down shirts and CROCS. They would have been miserable in blue blazers and long pants. So much for running around last week, but they are ready for the next swanky party...except for the shoes!

I got to do a bit of shopping while there and although I mostly bought for the boys I did end up in JCrew, buying the essential shorts and t-shirt for summer. I did, however, wander around Saks for an hour and found these two little gems. Both look much better in person, were way out of my comfort zone and looked smashing on me( if I do say so myself)! Alas, the price tag was just too much for me to handle. But it was fun to try on all the same. My brother tried his best to persuade me to buy at least the dress, but I just couldn't do it. It's difficult for me to spend a lot of money on myself. Must be the innate sacrifice mothering instinct.

Lastly, I was able to receive a special gift this weekend. Among Emily's graduating class was a student that I had in fifth grade. Emily and her friend had no idea that they had a common bond until this past Christmas. Emily had been using my maiden name to describe me and this past student knew me by my married name. It's not often that an elementary teacher is able to see one of her past students graduate from college. We have our students for a brief 180 days and they are gone, usually never to be seen or heard of from again. This student's father came up to me as we were gathering everyone to make our way to commencement. It was hectic and chaotic, but he stopped me and said thank you for helping to shape his son into the fine young man that he had become. In that one brief moment my decision to become a teacher had been confirmed. I will never second guess myself for a decision that was perfect for me!


Joslyn said...

Three things:
1. you, jules and em looks most lovely on your flickr
2. very cool about the former student
3. you should've listened to T and bought that dress. seriously.


TD wool design said...

i agree, order up that dress! sweet about your past student. and glad the boys were comfortable. they all looked handsome in your flickr shot! congrats to sister!

a friend to knit with said...

oh. i so hear you. i too have a hard time spending the money on myself. and boy, do i need new clothes.
however. when it comes to yarn, well, i seem to be able to spend the money on that NO problem! :)
congrats to your sister. from one BA in business grad to another. :)
i should have been a teacher. that really sounds so much more rewarding.

MadMad said...

That is a great story - I think it earned you the fabulous dress!