Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Thank goodness for the Sartorialist! If I didn't have him I wouldn't have anything to blog about!

I LOVE white...but I don't wear it. I'm I the only one who puts on a white dress and then tries to see if I'm showing myself to the world? I really love this dress...but I would be to nervous to wear it. The shoes are way out of my comfort zone.

Picture courtesy of The Sartorialist

This dress is more me. In fact, I probably have a few of this style hanging in my closet right at this moment. I love everything about her style and I would wear these shoes!

Picture courtesy of The Sartorialist

Lastly, for anyone that is stopping here for knitting content, I will have some new FO up by the end of the week!

Enjoy my bleeding hearts! They are almost gone...but the poppies are blooming!


TD wool design said...

i love the white bleeding heart. we don't have any but think i'll have to add some for next year. it is gorgeous! i agree with the dress choices. i'm so iffy about about wearing white :) pretty though.

a friend to knit with said...

oh. i totally agree about white.
i bought a white sundress from jcrew. halter. you know the one. they still have it.
i have NEVER worn it. totally bums me out!
love your photo of the bleeding heart. absolutely spectacular!