Thursday, June 26, 2008

We Made It....

and I'm already counting the days until September. No, not really but we did have a rocky start to summer vacation!

Yesterday in celebration of the ending of the year we went to the beach with favorite friends. The boys fished, swam, and just relaxed! The weather was warm and the fish were biting! Not such a bad way to start the summer!

So in celebration of a great year for the boys I've been shopping on etsy. I figured if they could celebrate so could I! Have I told you how much I LOVE etsy? It truly is my new addiction. I could spend hours over there. A while back I decided I needed to upgrade my stitch markers and get away from the little plastic circles. I discovered KNIT and purchased. I was happy with what I ordered and marked her site as a favorite. The other day I decided to take a peek again. That's when I discovered this wonderful sock yarn. I can not wait to knit this! It's soft and squishy and I adore the flecks!

To me, summer means reading. My pick at the moment is Life Class by Pat Barker. It's enjoyable so far. I only wish I could read more than three pages before falling asleep at night. It's tough getting old!

In the car we are listening to The Tales of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillio. I would recommend any of her books. All are wonderful!

Lastly, if you are looking for a really great read aloud for upper elementary (especially boys) try Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. It has been around for ages but catches the reader's or listener's interest immediately! It was a favorite of mine to read when I was teaching.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wait. It's summer vacation? It still doesn't feel like it started! We've had a slightly rocky start as well. Sam lasted all of two days at the music conservatory. Came home with headaches two days in a row and cried himself to sleep. Not the best way for a boy to spend the summer!

Thanks for the link to KNIT. Her gift cards are adorable.

Have a good one, Jane!

a friend to knit with said...

oh.....thanks SO much for the book suggestions.
my charlie LOVEs to read......always a couple of hours a night. yes, a couple....
but my andrew! wow. like pulling teeth. maybe he will love hatchet!
happy summer!

TD wool design said...

i like etsy too, but once i start i'm lost in the land of click. could spend hours.
glad summer is off to a good start. we love books on tape or cd. they're great for our trips to maine.
you get to three pages? better than me :) i have to re-read them the next night!

PJ said...

All of Paulsen's books are great. They make wonderful read alouds for those sons of ours who are precariously close to not wanting a story anymore. They are fabulous on-the-road stories for the whole family to listen to on car trips. His semi-autobiographical "Harris and Me" is both laugh out loud hysterical and bittersweet.

Jane said...

PJ- I so agree with you! Many parents have thanked me for introducing Paulsen's books to their family.

bbmowery said...

Ooooh, I remember reading Hatchet. It's so good!!