Friday, December 12, 2008

Signs of the Season

Christmas lists and knitting and of course coffee!
It's beginning to feel quite festive around here. I'm pretty organized and enjoying the whole process this year!(those in my family know that this isn't always the case with me) My major knitting projects are almost completed and it looks like I won't be staying up until all hours of the night Christmas Eve knitting 'till my fingers ache!

I've been very inspired by what I have seen out in the blog-o-sphere. This is something I never would have thought of, but yet so simple. Might look through my closet or thrift shops after the holidays to tackle this project.

Enjoy the signs of the season and remember to breathe from time to time!


TD wool design said...

i'm feeling on top of things too! other years...well not so much! have a great weekend! and i love your photos :)

a friend to knit with said...

i need to remember to breathe.
still no tree.
not all of the decorations are up.
i don't have a picture yet for our Christmas card.

t does wool said...

I'm enjoying the signs here!!

MadMad said...

I failed to be organized this year... no card picture, and only half the decorations up, and... I let THE KIDS do the tree. WITH THEIR ORNAMENTS. Yeah. Ew. But whatever. I'm too tired. Your pics are beautiful!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you this holiday season. Looking forward to seeing all the goodies you knit up for Christmas presents!

Nantucket Dreams said...

i used to stress out during the holidays, but every year, in church on christmas eve i felt this calm wash over me and realized all that stress and making things "perfect" was not what it was all about. so now i just take time to ENJOY it all, and it makes a big difference. enjoy yours!

Jane said...

merry christmas, jane .... your decorations are so cheerful!