Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Two Years Old!

I thought my actual blog anniversary was January 1st, but when I looked back I missed it by a couple of days...as always I'm a day late.

I've been thinking about this post for awhile and can compose it in my head quite nicely,but I'm not too sure how it's going to flow through the fingertips. So with that warning I will give it a try.

I worry. Big time. About things that I can't control. Two events brought this into the forefront this past year. President-elect Obama's win and a visit with old friends.

With Obama's win I realized that I had grown into a middle aged cynic. Not sure how I got there, and wasn't happy with what I saw. Maybe it's raising kids, a husband that travels, economic woes, who knows...but it grew like an ugly sore. A conversation with my brother (thanks Tim) woke me up to the person that use to be. I still worry that all of our woes are too much to handle for this man but he has renewed my faith in myself...so I guess that's a plus.

The other night we spent time with old college friends. Friends that have seen all that we had to offer at age twenty and then are there for the rest of our lives. People that we can fall easily into a discussion about politics and then change quickly to recalling the night in that bar when so and so did that!!! And so the conversation began the other evening, but I wasn't ready for the information that followed: two siblings struck with heart disease, bosses dying, people moving...etc...Each one of us had a story. I went to bed that night and hugged my husband. Knowing that we were growing older, realizing we need to spend each and every day trying to be good people, teaching our boys about life and all the opportunities that they have in front of them. Hoping that we can support our friends in their happiness and sadness.

So I'm led here, January 30th, 2008. I already know things will be vastly different in the coming year. For our Nation and for our own home. But I'm not willing to have anyone dictate to us what that will be. I will live for my kids, my husband, my friends, but most importantly, I will live for me.

Thanks for stopping and spending your time in my small space of the blog world. We are all busy people and I appreciate your blog-friendship. To you and yours...Happy 2009!


sheepish one said...

yes, a happy 2009 to you and yours as well.

it's impossible to know what the next year has in store for us, whether we're looking to the cozy home we build for our families or taking in the bigger picture of our nation's state. although i have been an obama supporter since day one, i can understand your concern that our current crises will test his ability. myself, i believe that he can only do the best he can do, and that he is selecting a cabinet that can help him fill the gaps as he needs it. any of the 08 candidates, once elected, would have his or her hands full.

i hope that your worry does not stress you too much, that you are not losing sleep or are unable to relish the blessings you do have. i know that my own financial belt buckle will be ratcheted down come 2009, and it will be as uncomfortable as sitting down in jeans that are too tight! however, i try to be conscious of the changes i am making and appreciate why i am making them. my family deserves the stability and love i can give them now more than ever.

i'm sure that if you're able to keep your post's sentiment in your heart, and on your mind, you will do a fabulous job of supporting your friends and family.

stay well, jane.

t does wool said...

Important thoughts you have conveyed here Jane.Happy blogiversary...and let's move into 2009 with positive thoughts and hopes for all of our futures.
Happy New Year!

Jane said...

Melana, Don't worry :), I'm sleeping well. I knew this post was going to sound all doom and gloom but it's not really. It's just an affirmation of the life I want to lead. In fact, I'm a pretty positive person when it comes to the hard stuff...that's why it was funny to find myself turning into a cranky 40 something.

Obama didn't come quickly for me, but that's only because I live in New York State and was a fan of Senator Clinton. I've got nothing against him and look forward to him leading us come January 20th.

TD wool design said...

i think you said it perfectly. i wish i were closer - a hug is in order!
i am in a *spot* myself and have never had to try so hard to keep my head out of water. i don't like the feeling and have spoken to my girls about staying positive and keeping things "closer to home" this near year.
blessings to you and thanks for you kind words the other day.
xx sarah

magnusmog said...

I was talking to my stepdaughter last week and we couldn't figure out how we would know when we finally became grown-ups.

But then I think of all that's happened on the way to me becoming a 40 year old woman with a 32 year old step daughter and that reminds me of all the good and bad things learned on the way. I guess I might have reached adulthood after all.

I'm planning to enjoy being with the people I love this year and the rest, all of the worrying stuff is going to happen whether I worry about it our not

Happy new Year :)

Joslyn said...

happy blog anniversary jane...for what it's worth, i've only known the person you are now and i love her.

kim said...

Congratulations on two years! Happy 2009!