Thursday, December 4, 2008

This and That

Thought I would stop in to clean the place up a bit. December is in full swing and my to-do list is growing ever longer. Since we didn't have to spend a Sunday in the hockey rink we decided to get our tree. It's still taking water...but I'm not sure if we will have any needles on it once December 25th rolls around.

We celebrated my husband's birthday this past Monday. Don't let that young face fool you, he's older than a whopping nine months. We spent a quiet night at home eating cake and opening presents.

Yesterday the sunrise was so beautiful that I had to snap a picture. It's very unusual to see the sun in these parts during the winter. You have to catch it when you can and enjoy every minute of it. We have snow and cold predicted for the rest of the week. Ryan is very worried that we won't have snow for Christmas. Ah..the worries of a child!

I'm knitting away and am halfway through my big project. Hopefully, if I finish I can knit these.

That's it for now. Have a look at all the letterpress stationary over at Jane's blog. Some stunning paper eye candy!


lucky knitter said...

Sounds like a very nice week and what a pretty sunrise!

Jane said...

hello, jane! two things: 1. older is older :) and 2. thank you for the kind words. i'm a little letterpress obsessed.

hope you get your snow. i could always send you some!

t does wool said...

you are entering December very nicely!! I love your sunrise!!!

TD wool design said...

so pretty in your neck of the woods. hope there is snow on christmas for the boys. we may head to our maine house the day after if the weather is good. love your new header!

Holli said...

Ah, a fresh tree! How nice. We are putting ours up Sunday, as they are finally predicting snow for Boston. I guess I'm with your Ryan; snow makes Christmas THAT much better. Happy birthday to your hubby.


PS I love the snowflake banner on your blog!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Beautiful sunrise photo. Good luck with your to-do list :).

a friend to knit with said...

LOVE your new header.

hope your weekend is going great. xx

MadMad said...

Cool new header! And what a beautiful sunrise - and the picture of your husband with the boys - what a great one!

Joslyn said...

happy late, late, late b-day Andy!