Sunday, March 8, 2009


I didn't do so well with Green Week. As the warmer weather descends upon us, my yard seems to get muddier and muddier, no green in sight anywhere...yet. Everything is brown. So much yard work to do. I searched and searched for green and realized, that even though most of our walls are green, we are a brown and blue family. So, when I'm back to spending money, I think I will look for a little green to stir things up around here!

Go check out all the green over at Shining egg's blog. She's the hostess with the mostess and has collected a wide range of green from many of the participants.

Tomorrow's post will finally feature knitting. I found a use for the purple cashmere in my banner up above and am quite excited to finally finish a project!

Enjoy your Sunday evening!


TD wool design said...

i feel bad i dropped the last two days of green week. seriously, no time. our snow is now gone. time to tackle the clean-up i should have done in the fall.
can wait for the purple!

Holli said...


Thanks for always leaving comments on my blog. I check in to yours using bloglines, and for some reason my reader hasn't indicated that you've had a new post in AGES! I've totally been missing out on your great posts and photos. Bummer, but also total fun - as now I get to catch up.


lucky knitter said...

I love your green photos. They are fantastic! I like that you found some green in unexpected places. Can't wait to see the knitting!

Jane said...

Sarah, You are so lucky to be able to start cleaning up the yard. Ours squishes when you walk on it. Way too muddy yet to even think about it.

Holli, I noticed that bloglines was not updating too. Wonder what's up. Thanks for stopping, although I feel as if I don't have much to say these days.

LK-It was really difficult to find green in a world of mud. But when I put them all together, I sorta liked how it all looked.