Monday, March 9, 2009

Purple Rain

This is the second time making Wisp. The first time I made it using Rowan Kid Silk Haze like the pattern called for. Then I started seeing Wisp being made in all sorts of yarn. Like this one and this one. So when my cowl didn't work, I decided to take a shot at using my cashmere yarn on Wisp. I'm so glad I did! It is probably the softest item that I have ever made. The scarf looks totally different than my first Wisp. The stitch definition is much more defined. I have to knit carefully because the yarn is so delicate that I'm afraid that I will rip the yarn when knitting two stitches together (I've already did this once). I'm addicted and I can't wait to I'm off!

Sapphire Exotic Fibers
100% Cashmere
size 7 needle


TD wool design said...

beautiful jane.
can't wait for you to model it.

t does wool said...

okay...this is about I send you some Haze and you make me one :)!

MadMad said...

I don't know how I missed this pattern on Knitty the first time round. Maybe because I got cranky with them and their slow server on opening day and forgot to come back? Anyway - what a cool pattern, and I LOVE, LOVE yours - both!

lucky knitter said...

That is looking so beautiful!

Sandy said...

Wow! First of all purple is my absolute favorite. And second of all, any reference to his purple highness makes me smile.
This is beautiful Jane!

Joslyn said...

oh this is so, so pretty Jane!

Only 18 more days...WOW!

kim said...

Well, I've been wondering why you haven't posted, and when 3 posts from February just appeared in my reader, now I know.... Sorry!

This is absolutely beautiful. So delicate and yet sophisticated.

a friend to knit with said...

wait. i am so confused. why did these posts just pop up??
i LOVE your new header.
and i LOVE wisp!!! can't wait to see it on you.