Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm here. Just dealing with the hormones of a twelve year old AND the hormones of a forty-six year old. Let me tell you, the two do not mix well!
In lieu of writing, I give you pictures.

It's mud season here, don'tcha know! That means mountains of laundry! Daily!

Spring cleaning the bedrooms. One down, one to go. I'm not holding my breath on the second one. He sleeps with piles of clothes on his bed...yes mom, I know it sounds familiar!

Sewing disasters! My home-ec (do they even call it that anymore?) teacher would be so disappointed.

But wait, I was able to sew four straight lines to make this nifty little bag.

We are all trying to eat healthier around here, including the big, big guy! Pretend you don't see the Ranch dressing on the salad.

Finally, Spring is making a very slow return in the Northeast. Although, yesterday we had the return of the Mallard duck couple and the peepers provided us a symphony to listen to while fading to sleep.
Will be back when all the hormones settle back down. Who knows when that will be!


skeinsherway said...

I saw the ranch dressing- I have an eye for things like that, and I'll defend my beloved ranch dressing any day- that salad looks so yummy!
And the laundry on the bed, and the yeah mom quote, um, hehe, too funny, I totally hear ya! (and so does my mom, lol!!)

Sandy said...

when you're eating all those greens, ransh is excusable.

sorry about the hormone situation. sounds like a headache, but at least you are accomplishing a lot.

Jane said...

Ali, Thanks for stopping by. My mom reads my blog on a regular basis and she's always telling me that my older son has not fallen far from the apple tree.

Sandy...The invention of Ranch dressing was a very good thing. My boys eat it with everything. To this day they will try anything new as long as if there is Ranch dressing around.

t does wool said...

thank you for the pictures...sometimes that speaks a thousand words.

larissa said...

I love picture posts! and this is a great one.
My last several posts have been tutorials with lots of photos because 'making' and photographing is much faster and more enjoyable for me.

lindy said...

Love the bag! We have the same situation over here with the hormones. One of us may not survive the teen years....

MadMad said...

Will you be giving us any wisdom on the hormone thing? 'Cuz we're swimming in them here, and it's just... unbearable. Well, more like interesting. Like when your 12-year-old PMS-es all over your poor husband who can't even begin to imagine what happened there, and has barely recovered in time to get hit by YOUR (well not YOUR, but my) PMS... you'd almost feel sorry for him - if he wasn't, well, male and, well, deserving. What happens with 12-year-old BOYS? Can it be worse?

lucky knitter said...

Ahhh, those hormones, nasty things. We have hormone wars at my house too. Hope they give you a break soon :) That bag is so adorable. Were did you find such cute fabric?

Poshyarns said...

I hope those hormones are starting to settle.

Love the little bag, such pretty fabric.

Holli said...

Gorgeous photos, Jane. And I adore the little bag you sewed. Sorry to hear about the 12-year-old hormones.

eyebuzz fine art said...

Hi from delusion central! I have two 13 year olds, one 12 year old, plus three other younger, pre-adolescent girls in my house. Not counting me. And I keep saying, oh! they're a pleasure to be with!
I'm not lying. I'm just...pre-pre-hormones, I guess.
I'll keep reading to see how it's going for you. Best, um...wishes?