Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Round-up

TGIF! Seems like this week was a long one: long, but very productive. Cleaning, organizing and donating has taken up much of my time this week. But apparently, I also have startitis. Too many things on the needles for my liking. I'm hoping to finish at least one this weekend so I can focus on the big projects.

From top to bottom:

tea leaves cardigan

santa cruz baby sweater...just like leslie's

generic socks...always have a pair going.

Nuss I have a problem with this at the moment, so I've been ignoring it. Maybe it will fix itself and then I won't have to tinker with it.

Back in January I received this wonderful ball of yarn from Rachel. I needed no incentive, but the goodies hidden inside to cast-on, for yet, another pair of socks. I don't remember knitting a pair of socks as quickly as I did these. The result...I'm in love. I have never knitted with Schoppel Wolle-zauberball and know that when I see this yarn (I haven't seen it in my LYS) that I will buy a bit more.!

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is one of my favorite sites to visit. I can't really explain why, since I'm so fashion challenged that I can't recognize any fashionable clothing unless it has a horse or a tory burch insignia on it. I guess I'm just intrigued with what he finds interesting. This picture is of something that I might wear. I love her shoes, BUT, look at everyone...they are outside people, it's cold. I just can't get over how women don't wear hose in the winter. I was the first one to cheer when I saw that tights were making a reappearance. I guess there's a lot to be said about why I live where I do. Jeans, wool socks and sweaters have made up my fashion line-up for the last eight months. Enough said.

Have a great weekend everyone! It's going to be a rainy one here, hopefully it will melt the rest of the snow!


kim said...

Love your fence photo and the mopey dog picture. So great. I feel the same way about the Sartorialist. I am in dire need of What Not to Wear people jumping out of a bush at me. But I love that site.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

What an adorable pooch! I have a soft spot for big furry dogs. And I have the same problem -- too many projects started, too little time. Enjoy the rain this weekend, maybe it will be productive time.

Jessica said...

Oh, seeing all these Tea Leaves is making me really want to cast one on for myself!

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Love that green knit Jane...
I am off to doing some organizing myself.
Beautiful new header...loveit.
Have a great weekend.

MadMad said...

Speaking of startitis... I just counted the projects around my corner of the couch... 9. Really. And that is just right here. Not the sock in the car, or the several items in time outs up in the "craft room." (I don't really have a craft room.) Oh well. Eventually it's nine new things, right? BTW, the sock in the car is the Zauberwhatevah. It IS soooo soft.

Rose said...

Although I don't look as glamorous as the model, I rarely wear hose either (hate them). Also, you have an award at my blog waiting for you!

Rachel said...

Already commented on Ravelry but love the socks and so glad you do too! I'd never knit with this brand of sock yarn but had heard good things throughout the internets in the past...nice to know what I heard was true!

I'm like you regarding WIPs. I need some variety on the needles, but too many unfinished things make me a nervous and stressed! Knitting is supposed to relieve stress, not add to it!

Adore the pup picture...those eyes!