Monday, April 12, 2010

5 things...

1. Another bittersweet day...the sandbox was taken out and a firepit replaced it. Can you say s'mores and libations?

photo from Project Wedding blog

2. I'm addicted to this site. Why? I have not a clue, but everything is so, so pretty!.

3. It's been a year since that fateful phone call. Last year,we went away on our spring break looking like a pair of deer caught in the headlights. Things are better, with minor adjustments along the way. The travel has diminished and he has a lighter work load. He doesn't like it, but that's okay. He's gets to be home more, which is great! Now, if we can only do something about that outfit!

4. We all have Spring fever!
5. Go give my friend, Sarah, a warm bloggers' welcome. She has decided to enter the blogworld, and I think she's sorta dragging her feet. Let her know that we aren't all that bad. I think you just might enjoy what she has to say!
Happy week y'all.


t does wool said...

so 5 good things...and a bridal site?
you make me smile Jane.

MadMad said...

Ooooh, I need a fire pit! S'mores and libations sound perfect! Love that doggie pic!

ColorSlut said...

This weekend I'll be cleaning out our fire pit and planting my garden. I'm so ready for summer!

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Love the firepit...good times.
I went to the library and got the book Sartorialist...inspired by you... what a hoot and So many great images he is such a good photog.
Lurv Buddy.

TD wool design said...

hope you have a good week too.
love your five things. a great idea to post this way!
i'm having a hard time getting it all done around here. the housework is coming along like gangbusters, but my online blogging time...not so much.

Sandy said...

only wish we could have a fire pit here....i think there is a bi-law against it.
i always love your 5 things!