Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Went On Spring Break

and all I made was ONE washcloth(the white one was competed before I left). Actually, I finished it on the plane coming home. Oh, I had grand hopes. I brought three skeins of cotton to make washclothes and the socks that I'm knitting. It's apparent that I hardly touched it! So, since there really isn't anything new in my knitting world, I'll direct you to some people that are actually practicing the art of knitting. Enjoy!
Leslie is making a sweater
Sarah is starting a tea leaves sweater
Kerstin is working on a blanket
Andrea has cute leg warmers
Sarah made a very cute little girl's sweater
Rachel made booties.
Kim crocheted a scarf
Rachel made socks
If I missed you, I apologize. I have to get back to my knitting!


Pomegranategrl said...

I love the washcloth!

Tara Thayer said...

i think i could make wash cloths. will you tell me how?
you need to imagine the imperative in this questions. PLEASE tell me how. is that better?

cloth.paper.string said...

i love the green! and thanks for adding me to your list, though i must admit i've knit not more than a few stitches as of late. something about spring, maybe?

kim said...

The washcloths are great. And I am certain I would much rather have been doing what you were doing. From all the pictures, it looks as though you had a great time!

ColorSlut said...

I love handmade washclothes. I think they are so fun to see in the morning and they make me smile every time I use one until it falls apart! Wonderful work.

MadMad said...

Oh, awesome links! I love seeing what other people are making! But you shouldn't be too hard on yourself: even knitting isn't necessarily better than a vacation!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

But isn't one better than none? I think so. Just one more and we'll both have three!

I'm using some Rowan Lima to knit my husband a scarf. It's such a soft and cozy yarn. I typically go for all natural fibers, but I must admit that this 8% nylon did allow for an interesting yarn.