Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5 things

Well, I didn't expect to be gone away so long.  I'm doing a bit of computer work for a friend, so the last thing I want to do is be on the computer more.  Plus, I'm trying to set an example for the boys. I fear that I'm failing miserably in this department, as they have caught me on many occasions playing Bejeweled.
I was just thinking today how, I used to love the end of the school year when the boys were little.  The anticipation of summer was prevalent throughout our routine. Now, the final weeks of school are pure hell.  Baseball is nearly every night due to make-up games, not to mention the work being piled on by the teachers and the start of studying for the Regents.  Thankfully, the beautiful weather we had in March is not reappearing, making it easier for the boys to study.
So, if I don't make it back here on a regular basis, know that we are in high gear around here and I'm thinking of you all.

 1.  Mother's Day is just around the corner.  I've asked for golf clubs.  I figure with my 50th birthday just around the corner, it's time to try it out.  Looking forward to our golden years, it's something that Andy and I can enjoy together. 
 2.  Have you ever heard of an old show called "Jericho?"  It's on Netflix and we are hooked.  The acting isn't the best, but it has brought on a lot of conversation in our home.
 3.  Matt is studying with his friend at the moment...via...Skype.  No need to be in the same room anymore.
4.  I have a sweater to share with you.  Just waiting for a nice, sunny day to take pictures.
5.  Thinking about our summer trip.  I think we are planning on the San Francisco.  I'm afraid if we don't go soon the boys won't think the cool stuff is cool anymore.

Have a good week everyone!


free range chick said...

Wow golf clubs- never would have thought of you as a golfer. Your son looks so grown up in this image Jane- I too can't believe how fast it has gone, what 6yrs on flickr since we met?
San Fran sounds wonderful....swoon.

RW said...

golf .... hmm...
good on you.
end of year stress is happening here too.
dance shows and exams.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Good luck with the end of the school year!! I LOVE San Francisco...we only live a few hours away so it is usually a quick weekend destination.