Friday, May 18, 2012

links, links, links...

Thank goodness it's Friday.  It's been a long one people.  A funeral, a death in the community, and epic meltdowns over schoolwork.  As much as the weather is getting nicer, the stress is amping up here at Upper Pond.  June 21st cannot come soon enough. 
So, I went for a walk in my yard to lift my spirits. I'm always amazed at the hidden treasures I find within my gardens.  I think Ryan is the culprit; hiding things to make me smile when I discover them.
I did try to navigate the blog world this week to see what I have been missing.  Here are a few of my favorites!
 These are adorable.  Perfect for little trinkets.
I'm constantly amazed at what people think up.   This is thinking way outside the box!
 Ryan has friends sleeping over tonight.  It's a common occurrence on the weekend.  These will be on the menu in the morning.
 I'm going to attempt a zippered pillow.   But first I need to find my zipper foot for the sewing machine.
Wish me luck.
This is just perfect.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Holli said...

Good Luck with the pillow, Jane. And enjoy the weekend (sounds like you ALL need it)!

PS gorgeous photographs, as always!

Rachel said...

It sounds like you need a weekend...or maybe just a little piece of solitude for yourself. I hope you find it soon! Really -- how cool is it that your son hides things to make you smile...I love that!

Andi said...

Love all the links, as usual. I am adding those blender waffles to my weekend menu. Good luck on finding your zipper foot.

Larissa said...

Adore the last shot - I need to go find my macro lens. Thanks for the sartorialist link - i really enjoy that blog but i never seem to get there unless i'm directed over via your links. Hope your weekend was beautiful!