Thursday, May 10, 2012


 So we have this barn here in town that a great interior designer owns.  In the past few years she has started organizing house sales and consignment items for her barn. She works at the local college and has her interns stage the barn with the latest design techniques.  She holds the barn open once a month, has food, drink and music and lets us all shop to our hearts content.  
My last buy was the frame above.  I have been wanting to work with chalkboard paint for a while and needed something that would cover all the dings and nicks on the wall.
I thought this was the project for me!  Little did I know, how involved my husband was going to get.  This was a project with his name written all over it.  So, he cut the wood, painted and screwed in hooks so tight that it will never move off that wall.
Viola, a chalkboard to rival  Pottery Barn at a fraction of the cost!
Since he has finished, he has stopped at two local garage sales and has three more frames set to paint.  I think I see a future on Etsy for him.


Rose said...

I love it! I think I'd like to do something like that in my classroom!

Mary said...

I love everything about this Jane... the quote, the frame, and that your husband found a new hobby!

kristina said...

How fab! I've been dying to have a go with chalkboard paint too. But in the meantime I'll keep working on my new socks! Thank you again so much for the lovely yarn. K x

From All Stitched Up said...

It' great! Better than Pottery Barn! Happy Mother's Day.

RW said...

so great.
I too, have been wanting to use chalkboard paint, thanks for the inspiration.

Victoria said...

I am stealing this chalkboard idea. it's just bloody brilliant!