Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I can't believe January will be over soon.  Along with September, January is right up there as one of my favorite months.  You probably can guess why: the chaos is over, children are back to school, quiet penetrates the house.
I may be here more or I might not.  I will see.  I've been watching my time on the computer. Knitting more(see socks above), reading and catching up on areas of neglect in my house.
College acceptances are starting to fill the mailbox. He's three for three already so he has choices!
I'm hoping to pick up my camera a bit more.  I posted to poor flickr a few weeks ago.  I do miss the days of flickr. Instagram is fun, but just isn't the same.
Stay tune....let's see if this can become routine!


thistledowns wool & cotton said...

i'm trying to post on my blog more often too. the camera? well, i haven't had time for that really with lib on break. i tried to focus on her being here. there aren't too many breaks from school left. i'm making time to finish projects here, and doing pretty well with that. So exciting to hear about the college choices! underneath all the craziness, it is a very exciting time! Loved all your photos here. xo

MadMad said...

As always, a pleasure to see all your beautiful photos, and to catch up! I'd be so psyched for you to be back posting; I miss all the blogging buddies!

Holli said...

I love your photos, Jane! And I've always wanted to knit that baby blanket you're working on. xo

a friend to knit with said...

i can't believe you have been back here and i didn't know it!!! SO exciting!

i miss flickr, too. :(