Saturday, February 21, 2015

...winter break

It's been a long, emotional week.
We have cabin fever big time!
Extreme cold with wind makes it miserable outside.

Hockey is finally over.
We lost our sectional game last night,
Today was pretty quiet around here. I didn't realize how it would hit us all.

But, there has been skiing.
Nothing will keep these guys off the slope.

And oh yeah, the other big emotional event!
Matt turned 18 this week!
I got up feeling pretty good on his birthday, thinking I would be strong! 
No big deal that I have an "adult."
But then I realized. This was his last birthday at home for awhile.
He'll be at school next year.
Oh crap.
This is going to be hard.


fjord girl said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Gosh time really flies doesn't it Jane. It was hard for me too- it does become different, lots too look forward now that they are older- as our relationship changes. Hope the weather warms up a bit so you can enjoy the outdoors.
Have a great weekend!

MadMad said...

I really is a hard year, Jane. Change and anticipating it is tough. Treat yourself well throughout it, and also remember that some of the changes will be for the good: You'll only see your son at happy times, not the morning rush out the door why aren't you ready times or why isn't your homework done times, etc. etc.

thistledowns wool & cotton said...

i'd take the toddler years all over again, fits, tantrums, all of it. being a mom to a young adult is way more emotional than anyone says. but, he will be happy and he's ready. so , we go with that. and then beg for phone calls. stay strong xo ps... the first to leave is hardest. it will get better.

house on hill road said...

lots of love, jane. i can't even imagine, but i know it is coming down the pike fast. xo.