Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday Round-up

It's been a slow week around here what with the end of the holidays and the beginning of school. Thursday I did absolutely nothing but relax after having my husband and the two boys home for eleven straight days! I did, however, manage to start and finish a Thorpe Hat. Matt declared it the "coolest hat" he has ever had and that all the kids at school want one. I did not add ties per his request and knit it up the medium with Manos (black) chunky on No. 9's. I have since started one for the little guy.
Tollhouse chocolate cookies were made to send the boys back to school well fed. Again I was voted the best mom ever for making such great cookies. Actually, they are one of my favorites too. I could eat a whole cookie jar worth of them in one sitting.

The middle of this week brought sub-zero temperatures and by the end of the weekend we are supposed to be in the 60's. Go figure! My little birds are going to be thoroughly confused.

Have a great weekend everyone!


sheepish one said...

i love that your kids are so appreciative. as a knitter who knits stuff for the kidlets, but usually finds things unworn and unloved, i can understand your delight. i'm working on some knee socks for my daughter now and though their future is questionable, i think she genuinely loves them.

a friend to knit with said...

oh, ryan was the one that wanted you to make everyone a matt wants you to make everyone a hat. i LOVE it!!!

really great......the hat,, the photos, everything!