Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Fun

Everything lined up perfectly this past weekend to finally enjoy our pond. Anyone who knows a thing or two about pond ice knows that conditions have to be just so. No snow, frigid temperature and a nice wind all help to make smooth, perfect ice.

When all of this presents itself, everything else is dropped and we skate! And if we're out there, so are our neighbors and pretty soon a skating party is in progress. Pizza, chicken wings and beverages are consumed and everyone goes home tired. A perfect winter's evening!

Inside my skates were my newest finished socks. They kept my toes nice and warm. I love this colorway! Many of my friends at the hockey rink thought they could be colors of McKenzie-Childs.

Thanks again for all your caring thoughts about Murphy. It is so strange not to have him here keeping me company throughout the day. We all miss him greatly.


a friend to knit with said...

oh, how i wish i was your neighbor!!!
our boys. our husbands. our knitting. and beer!
really. what could be better!!!!

Jane said...

Hee Hee Leslie,
I imagine we would be very good friends indeed! Time for a roadtrip :)