Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Feist on Sesame Street

This is for my friend Joslyn and her daughter Millie. Millie loves this song!


SockMamaLiz said...

I have not seen this! But I've heard this song on a commercial or something and always wondered who it was... thanks for linking! I'm downloading the album now.

sheepish one said...

you know you've hit it big when you're the featured songstress on sesame street! i always laugh when i see REM and the goo goo dolls on... my younger kids still watch, not that i need to defend my comment or anything.

Joslyn said...

oh this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! the girls are heavy, heavy into SS right now, so they're gonna love it.

you rock jane.

Jane said... have heard the song on an Apple computer comercial. The words were changed for SS.

Melana-It's okay...I always liked Mr. Rogers.

Joslyn- I knew you would like it. Hope the girls enjoy it. Just have Bryan keep replaying it while you are gone! Have a great time at blogher!