Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It is sooo quiet here. We took the boys to camp on Sunday without any disasters. Both boys are bunking with a friend so anxieties were lessen when it was time to leave. Having boys means no kisses or hugs goodbye. It was high fives and pats on shoulders. Way too cool to have a kiss from mom or dad. Although, as I was walking away, Ryan came running down the hill for one quick hug and a kiss on the cheek...then he turned and called over his shoulder, "see you in a week!"

I can see how "helicopter parenting" can quickly develop as parents are so connected to their kids these days. I miss them and wish I could watch their fun and independence develop but know that this is part of growing up... I know we all heard it when we had our toddlers..older parents would tell us "don't wish away these years, they go too fast." But it was difficult to believe, when meltdowns were occurring and you were stuck inside with little ones for days on end because of weather or various illnesses. But man, it does go sooo fast and then you realize that time is growing shorter as they enter the middle and high school years and off to college they go...
Enough of the melodrama and mother angst...let's get on to bigger and better topics!
I finally finished my Ribbon Lace Scarf by Veronik Avery. I absolutely LOVE it. I started this way back in March and have been knitting on it off and on. I love the colorway and the subtle differences in blues. It reminds me so much of the Gulf of Mexico and our trip to Florida every year. I will wear this a lot! And probably make more as gifts! Hopefully, the next few won't take five months to complete!
colorway-not sure but let's call it Gulf of Mexico

picture via The Sartorialist

Okay...Love everything about this outfit until you get to the shoes. I can just picture bringing these home to my husband..."Honey, I bought you some new shoes..." Actually, this is my husband's standard outfit...minus...the shoes...and with a few more pounds...I'd better stop while I'm ahead.
Enjoy the day!


MadMad said...

OK. Those shoes are um.. interesting, you're right! LOVE the scarf! I've made a few - my favorites were with a cotton linen blend (thicker yarn than called for) because they draped so well (and went a little faster, heh heh!) Yours is gorgeous, though!

a friend to knit with said...

oh, i so hear you. libby and i watched "college roadtrip" today. (the boys playing golf. yep soo big) and i of course, cried like a baby. slow down time!!!

lovely scarf jane. i mean lovely. i just love it!

and this outfit totally rocks. i sort of like the purple shoes. i think he can totally pull it off. :) NO way could my husband!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

As a mother of a one year old and three year old I hear the "don't wish it away" comments a lot and I try to soak in as much as I can because it already seems liks it's going fast sometimes, thanks for the reminder.

Love the scarf, great color and it lays very nicely.

Tanya said...

Oh that scarf is wonderful!!!


Sandy said...

You mean, the hugs and kisses stop coming from the boys eventually? This is not good.

I absolutely love that scarf and the colour you chose. I am such a wanna be knitter though.