Wednesday, July 9, 2008


picture from The Sartorialist
I absolutely adore this picture from The Sartorialist. Not sure what exactly makes me enjoy it so much. To me it reminds me of two old friends that have met up to have a wonderful, peaceful girls' weekend without the kids. I love the black, I love the dress, I love the bag and the shoes are fantastic! (although, I would be sure to wipe out wearing them!)
Maybe it's because my mom friends are not even in this world of dressing. Khaki shorts and t-shirts are our staples and on a good day we might throw on a summer skirt.
Either way it's a delightful shot that makes me smile!


Anonymous said...

Love this shot, too! (Ok, so my word verification for this comment is "futck." Hmmmmm!)

Jane said...

Kerstin...we aim to's the word of the day here today :) How many more days until school starts?

Joslyn said...

i love that too!

Anonymous said...

It's got that real Sex in the City vibe....2 girl friends, dressed up, ready to go out.