Saturday, May 21, 2011

Link Love...

Holy Hannah-It's Saturday already! Not sure where the time goes. My poor lilacs are rotting before they even bloom due to all the rain. I've cut many and have them all over the house. It smells alittle lilac-y here at Upper Pond. Off to two baseball games and then a house full of twelve year olds for the night. Wish us luck!

1. Okay, I'm all for the DIY movement and all...but do people really have time to do this? Sweet idea and you can make cool colors. But this is an area that I might have to pass.
2. Found this site the other day and loved it. I'm always looking for creative ideas to liven up our menu around here!
3. You've probably have seen this picture a million times already....but I love it. We finally see Prince Charles as a dad and not some stuffy royal.
4. What would you take with you?
5. I stumbled upon this site awhile ago. They provide excellent articles and tutorials for all levels. They have given me a good kick in the butt to look at my photography in a different way.

enjoy the weekend everyone!


lucky knitter said...

You always have wonderful links Jane. I'll definitely check out ClickMoms. It looks like fun. Enjoy your weekend!

Erica said...

Beautiful lilacs! I've never seen pink ones so full...all of the pink ones around here seem to be kind of sparse looking.

Renee said...

Lovely lilacs! Ours aren't open yet, tons of rain but no warm temps.
Happy weekend to you too! We have a long weekend here, love having Monday's off. :-)
Thanks for all the great links!!