Monday, August 1, 2011

5 things...

The dog days of summer have hit and I hear cries of "I'm bored" mostly everyday. I've had to limit screen and xbox time, but I think they are even getting tired of the technology.
August is one of my favorite months. I love the colors, the light and the approach of Autumn. Yes, it is the beginning of the end of summer vacation, but I know that by the end of August we will be ready for routine.
1. I am glad that Matt made a few honors courses, but I don't like hounding him to do his summer work to prepare for them.
2. The heat has fried my garden. I'm hoping that some of the new perennials will survive until next year. I'm relying on wildflowers by the side of the road and the farmer's market.
3. We had a small gathering for a group of women that live in town. There are thirteen of us that live here, all different ages, yet connected by the small, local sorority that we all belonged to while attending college up north. People change-the stories never do.
4. Blueberries are in and we went picking. I have about five quarts that I'm going to freeze or make into a pie...etc. I will go back this week.
5. My husband and I have started watching the show Damages. We have only watched two episodes, but we're hooked.

Enjoy the week everyone!


MadMad said...

Doggy looks like he wants them to go back, too, hahahaha! Or maybe he's mad at YOU: Where my kale chips, woman?!

RW said...

August is one of my favourite months too.

Probably because I am usually off work. And the weather has generally turned warm.

Weird to even think about the school year. My son is taking summer school and he is almost finished. He will have a 3 weeks of no school and then back at it. We like routine - but we are still enjoying our lazy days.

Linda at Circular Needles said...

Ah, blueberries and wild flowers - couldn't be finer! I've been enjoyed blueberries for several weeks, now, and it's time to start turning some of them into jam to enjoy once the season is over.

Funny you should mention the light. I just noticed the change in the late afternoon light this past week as I was doing some plein aire painting. But the best part of August, for me, is that is the month in which my sister was born - and she is certainly worth celebrating. Enjoy the remainder of your summer.

Dolisa said...

One cold stormy Northern Nevada winter day I stubbled upon your blog. Instantly, I felt right at home. Now here it is summertime and after lifes's busy days and a computer meltdown I finally sat down and re-found you. Your summer pics gave me the same feeling. Then I figured it all out. No wonder I feel so at home. I went to Cazenovia College!!!
I love your knitting! And I love your stories!
Thank you for making me smile!!

Jane said...

Dolisa-Thank you for your nice comments. Caz is indeed a wonderful place and I'm glad that I can spark some memories for you. Thanks for reading! jane