Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm here.....

but busy!
Checking off all the things we want to get done before school starts again.
Yesterday we traveled to here. Pretty cool stuff!
Two restaurants need to be eaten at and some school clothes to be bought. Then we finish out the summer in the Adirondacks.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!
I made these for breakfast the other morning. One liked the other didn't. They are very egg-y. More like a popover than muffin. Fresh fruit would be a great on top!


RW said...

I can't believe we are talking back to school. Neither can my children.

Final exam in Monday and then my so has a small break from all things academic.

The air has changed in the am. I can feel the season switching. We lost a fair amount of summer this year.

a friend to knit with said...

savor all you moments.
LOVE both of those pics!!

rosemary said...

I'm excited about fall coming...but I don't want summer to go!
Enjoy the last bits of summer holidays.

Linda at Circular Needles said...


Thank you for posting the link to the Corning Museum. It looks fantastic! I'm sure all of the kids in the family would love it, but I'm actually thinking I'd like to take just my sister for a little birthday get-away next weekend.

Enjoy the dwindling days of summer - and the anticipation of a new school year and a new beginning.

Erica said...

This is definitely one of the busiest times of year in our family too, the ever so slight shift in weather lets you know winter's not as far away as it seems!

And I'll definitely be trying those popover/muffins, they look wonderful! :)

Anna Ander said...

Just wanted to say Hi. Good to be back here!