Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 things...

As I sit here wondering what to write, my weatherbug icon is beeping away.  Today it was warm, rainy and slushy. Tomorrow is slated to be cold, windy and snowy.  Maybe it's the weather that has everything off kilter around here.  Moods swings are common, the animals are crazy and no one seems settled.  It's as if we get in the mode of one weather pattern and then it switches on us and we are left scurrying after its remains.  
In all of the everyday drama and daily life I'm still trying to remain calm, keep my sense of humor and to try to remember that in the grand scheme of it all, it's not going to ruin us.
 1.  Not only did my son get suspended from hockey last week (he has since been reinstated), my husband was asked to leave a game.  In his defense, he was acting as a moderator and asking someone else to calm down.  The guy wanted to fight him.  Really?  Have I told you that I'm over hockey for this year?
 2.  Ryan and I had date night on Sunday night.  For those of you that have young ones and think they will have picky eaters forever, have no fear.  Ryan's menu consisted of Thai calamari, Caesar salad and three lamb chops, mashed potatoes and veggies!
 3.  Downton Abbey is just plain wonderful.
4.  Looking forward to dressing up at the beginning of February. A big, fancy affair.  It will be fun!
5. Seems like a lot of us have reading more as a New Year's Resolution.  I'm reading One Day at the moment.  What are you reading?

enjoy the rest of the week!

ps: I just noticed that I used the clementine picture and Matt's desk last week in a post....oops sorry!


free range chick said...

We call Pieree "Old Yeller" during the boys soccer season...you can hear from a 5 mile radius, he gets so caught up in the game, it's a hoot.

SAD to hear a grown guy wants to fight you hubby...do they ever grow up...GLAD to hear that your son is back- awesome.

You have the funniest dog ever- I love just looking at his expressions. What a love.

Did I hear snow?

Kathy said...

Oh, gawd, Jane. What a hockey year!

Sounds like the perfect date! :-)

MadMad said...

Ay! Hockey! No wonder we have to knit! It's the only thing we can control! People are nuts. It's really starting to tire me.

And I'm with free range on the doggie - he really is one expressive poochie!

Louise said...

We don't have the joys of hockey here - instead it's the muddy field of rugby - and that has its trials and tribulations, too. 'Downton' is brilliant: the Christmas episode is great, too. And I'm reading 'The Wonderful Weekend' in an attempt to see where I'm going wrong!!

RW said...

Downton Abbey is wonderful.

Reading more is on my list; I have had some false starts on that front.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I really need to check out Downtown Abbey. I'm so late to the party... I'm enjoying a book titled My Family and Other Animals. It's a lot of fun.

Rachel said...

Hockey seems to bring that out in folks...

I'm curious what you think of One Day...I went back and forth between loving it and hating it...in the end giving it sort of an average rating.

Just started 'Mockingbird'...a portrait of Harper Lee. Not sure yet about it.