Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! and 5 things...

Well, 2012 is upon us and if the last few days are any indication of what this year is going to be like I don't want it.  We went to a family party to celebrate the New Year.  It was great fun!  I always like to celebrate with my favorite friends,  However, the next day...January 1st was not so fun!  Crabbiness settled in around here like it was here to stay, making me question if the night before was worth it.
Thankfully, we didn't have school today, so everyone was able to sleep in one last time and hopefully, catch up on some sleep.
So, between the fights and the crabbiness I did do a bit of thinking and here are a few things that I would like to accomplish this year.
 1.  Read more.  Last year I fell short of my goal.  Setting the same goal and trying again!
 2. Knit more!  Actually, I should say, finish the objects that have been started.  I have one sweater, and two socks that are waiting for their mate.  I also want to make a few scarves for some special friends.  But first, I need to finish Ryan's brown hoodie.
 3.  Have patience...with everyone.
 4.  Eat less sugar and drink more water.  The sugar one is going to be difficult for me.
5.  Fine strength. Strength to be a good mom, wife and friend.  Strength to deal with difficult times.  Strength to say no when more is asked of me. Strength to look inside myself and find the person that I want to be.

Here's to a great week everyone!


Mary said...

Happy New Year Jane! I have some similar goals too and I wish you all the best this coming year!

MadMad said...

Yesterday was a little dicey around here, too... I think the dread of going back to school (and to not eating sugar cookies for dinner!) had everyone a little off. (Not me, of course. I was psyched they'd be out of here and I could clean the place up after the two week invasion!)

free range chick said...

Here's to strength and sugar!
Gosh, Jane, they both are not easy.
I talked to a mom who was 5-6 years ahead of me with teens...when she said this stage was the hardest as well as a blur- it made me feel so happy, like a weight was lifted of my shoulders(so it wasn't just
I have a feeling 2012 will be filled with joy, patience and happiness Jane.
...and knitting and reading.

house on hill road said...

happy new year jane!
i'm always looking for more patience, too. when i mentioned this to a friend, he said if i prayed for it/asked for it, it wouldn't happen. he said to try praying for compassion instead because if we are compassionate, the patience will follow. i liked his take on it - take it for what it's worth.

The Sampler Girl said...

So there with ya! Happy New Year :)


Louise said...

I'm sure your hopes for this year echo those of many - hopefully we'll be able to accomplish them! Best wishes for the new year and I look forward to reading your news.

Gigi said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for the cowl info! I'm making one with garter stitch now, and I hope there's not an Old Navy Cowl (or something) like it out there too ;).
Sugar withdrawal has set in big time here. I always look forward to a little treat with tea in the afternoon - I think that's the hardest to give up.
Good luck with your New Year's goals!