Monday, February 4, 2008

Crazy Weekend

What an eventful weekend. We had two hockey tournaments in two different places, hours apart. My husband took Matt to his in Saranac Lake and I took Ryan to Saratoga the middle of an ice storm, because hockey is NEVER EVER canceled.

Nerves were a little frayed and I am sure I grew many more grey hairs, but we all arrived in one piece. Long story short...Matt's team won his tournament and Ryan came down with strep. Ry played in one game and was sick the rest of the weekend. We stuck around hoping it was only a twenty-four hour thing, but it wasn't. He tried to play his second game but it was too difficult for him. There will always be another game, in fact, he has two next weekend.
Saturday night, his teammate got sick too. I am sure by this time the whole team is sick, thanks to Ry!

We all made it home in time to watch the Superbowl as a family. Too bad for the Patriot's fans out there. It was a tough loss after such a great season, but it was an exciting Superbowl to watch!
I have to go tend to my sick kiddo...and change the sheets on the beds.
February Love-Day 4


sherri said...

I recall our entire team getting sick-drinking out of the same water bottles. YICK. So sorry for you having to drive through an ice storm. We hockey moms are nuts, aren't we? congrats on the win. Am glad you made it home safely and in time to watch that great game.

TD wool design said...

good morning, hope everyone is feeling better. you have been awarded the "you make my day" award. if you'd like to accept, please go to my blog. have a good day! sarah

a friend to knit with said...

congrats on that awesome trophy. he must be so proud!
hope that darn bug is out of the house.