Thursday, February 7, 2008

On the Fast Track!

Slapped on the running shoes and went top to bottom today! I miss the dog hair, believe it or not.

What's up with Project Runway? Why are they making the contestants make such hideous designs?


TD wool design said...

missed runway. actually i've missed a lot of tv lately. it's just been a rush to get to bed to start all over again. too tired. bags to finish, a billion errands, kids to drive to basketball games and dances, and i want to sew. phew. tgif. :)

debbie said...

Sorry about the loss of your dog. I have tons of dog hair to vacuum, you're welcome to visit with your vacuum cleaner and attack some of mine.:)

sherri said...

I'm so sorry for you about your dog. Do you think you may get another or do you need a break and some time to grieve? It's so hard to lose a pet.