Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February Love Day 6

I have no idea how people can take a picture for 365 (6 ) days a year. I'm only on day six and having a difficult time finding inspiration. Possibly, the gloomy weather is playing a huge part in my lack of motivation. So today, you get my son's fixation on toothbrushes. Call it an obsession...somedays I wonder!


sheepish one said...

my middle daughter also loves toothbrushes -- which i never mind -- but also loves toothpaste -- which drives me insane! really, how much toothpaste does a four year old need??

oh well. if they brush their teeth, it's fine by me. just wish i had bought stock in crest. oh, and fisher-price. ;-)

TD wool design said...

i hear you! i can feel this working my brain. which is good, but...ouch! i just keep telling myself a creative challenge is good. often i am on autopilot. have a great day!

a friend to knit with said...

ahh. i think it is great........hopefully he loves to use them also!

oh yeah. about the photos. it IS hard. i just try to find something that catches my eye. and i also don't let myself spend a lot of time on it........i think whatever. and made toothbrushes and toothpaste look good!

Poshyarns said...

A strange obsession, but a very healthy one!

It is funny about the daily photographs, I find myself really looking at things around me differently and especially noticing colour and pretty corners and so on, it is really doing my powers of observation a lot of good although some days the light and weather are so bad that there is very little beauty to be found!

debbie said...

I'm having a hard time taking a photo each day too. There is absolutely NO light in my house right now, it is so gray outside. Love the bath fixture you posted yesterday!