Friday, February 8, 2008

A Quickie..

February Love-day eight
Our playset was one of the best investments we ever made. The boys still play on in it no matter what the season. Most of the time they are standing on top of the playhouse part. Swinging is still their favorite though.
The sun came out briefly today so I ran and got my camera. It felt good to be outside taking pictures.

The Hemlock Ring blanket continues to grow. Although, I am in the middle of ripping out the last row I knit...grrr!

P.S. Wonder how many hits I'll get with that title?


TD wool design said...

wasn't sure if i should look further.
love the drip drops. very cool. hope to get something posted today, but just spent an insane amount of time ironing an insane amount of clothing. looking forward to quinnipiac/brown hockey game tom., so no time to work on throws til monday. oh well :) have a good one! sarah

Jane said...

Sarah-My dad attended Quinnipiac for a year and we attended the ECAC final against Clarkson last spring. My husband is an alumni of Clarkson. When we're not cheering for Clarkson, it's Colgate, which is a couple of towns over. Gotta love college hockey!