Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yellow and Sunshine

February Love Day 20
The sun was out most of today, but it was still frigid outside. Decided to make one of our favorite summer foods. The boys are home this week due to Winter Break. Today they swam with friends, tomorrow we hit the movies! We are off to see Spiderwick. I hear it is scary but fantastic! Can't wait!


TD wool design said...

we have the week off too. let us know how the movie is. it's about the only series my youngest hasn't read. enjoy!

TD wool design said...

AND, besides the eggs looking yummy and oh so summery, i have the same tablecloth :)

MadMad said...

LOVE the idea of bringing in summer with seashells and summer food! What a great way to make these vacation days a little less dreary. Hope the movie was fun (we did it before the vomiting struck... though I didn't bring my 7-year-old; he would have been too scared!)