Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hope SPRINGS eternal

on many fronts! I do have pictures of springtime daffodils popping out of the ground, the boys playing baseball and being goofy and of projects that I have finished. BUT, my connection to the internet is sporadic at best and it's very difficult to upload any pictures. The cable guy tells me that I have water in the lines (and it's raining here today so it makes it worse) and a new cable needs to be connected to the house. That's not happening without my husband here, so I have to wait until the weekend.

So in the meantime you can check out this new site (to me) that I have been enjoying and make this goulash. I made it for the boys last night and they actually ate it! It reminded me of the goulash that my mom use to make.

Now let's see if I can upload this!

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TD wool design said...

sorry for your wiring troubles. always a pain. hope you'll be up and running soon. stay dry today :) will check out that blog further when it is tea time!