Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

Picture from The Sartorialist website
Okay, if I wasn't stuck in the carpool lane of life this is what I would wear. Usually, I just look at The Sartorialist's website and think to myself..WT.... and move on. But this outfit I love! Yep, a turtleneck, wool (?) skirt, tights and chic shoes! It doesn't get any better than this! Talk about conservative!

Speaking of fashion, which I'm not too good at, I was disappointed to see Christian win Project Runway. Again, I'm not going to be wearing any of his fashions anytime soon. Jillian on the other hand, was my favorite. She even included knitwear! I wonder if she was/is a knitter before her work at Ralph Lauren? I would wear her designs in a minute(well maybe not every single one, but most of them), even in the carpool lane!

This week I'm making lists and cleaning house. I have many knitting projects that I hope to finish up soon. Stay tune for updates!


TD wool design said...

i agree about the jillian pick. my daughters too. we liked her style. have fun with the knitting projects.

a friend to knit with said...

that is just the cutest. conservative, but totally hip.
love your new socks. such soft colors.

Joslyn said...

i love that outfit...and i LOVED jillian.

BUT...we can't think about sweaters right now -- it's almost bathing suit time...amazing.

Katie said...

I didn't watch PR this season, but I followed your link and loved Jillian's stuff. As for Christian's - HOLY RUFFLES!

love, love, love the all black and sassy outfit too.