Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Socks

I set a goal this week to finish the three projects that I have on the needles. First project is completed! I LOVE sKNITches sock yarn. It's squishy, soft and knits up really quickly. It's superwash merino and washes up nicely. I made a pair of socks out of this yarn before and wore them all through hockey season. Sadly, I blew a hole in the heel the day of our last hockey game of the season :(
This pair is to be gifted. Hopefully, she will enjoy them!
The Scoop:
sKNITches bebop sock yarn
Morning Haze
3x1 rib
size 2 needles
On a lighter side, I made these meatballs this week. Didn't tell anyone they were made with turkey. Ryan proclaimed them to be the "best meatballs he has ever eaten." and I have to agree. They were moist and tasty. Try them...your family will never know!


sheepish one said...

okay, those socks are too cute. i love sknitches, too, and may just HAVE to have morning haze!!

and the turkey meatballs are delicious. i love that there's a little parsley in them and that the are SO, SO moist. isn't it great when kids love what you make??

a friend to knit with said...

now that was quick! and i bet there is absolutely not even a speck of dust in your house!!!
i love that colorway.
WILL try those meatballs. thanks for the link. looking for new anything. total meal rut.