Saturday, November 13, 2010

Link Love

It only seems fitting that I put a cow up today. Matt has his last performance of Oklahoma today and it can't end too soon. I'm tired of the drama (at home) about how his friends will laugh at him (why can't the school musical have the same cool factor as sports?), homework being put to the end of the list and just plain lack of sleep. He does like the end product and looks like he is having a blast on stage, but oh, the road to this point has been long and hard.

There has been extreme goodness out on the web as of late. Here are just of few of my faves this week. enjoy!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Thought this might be a new take on the traditional pumpkin pie.

Amy Butler has printables that are free. Who knew?

I saw these mittens at a local sale this week. The vendor was selling them for 20 bucks a pair. Even I can make these.

Adorable! I'm trying to figure out who I can give these to.

And lastly, these look just sinful....


Tanya said...

Love the mittens!! I'll have to make them.


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I adore Oklahoma! What fun. Well, I wish it was more fun. I hope Matt isn't dealing with too much grief. Oh what a beautiful morning...(you might be tired of this by now)

t does wool said...

love the links ;))